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Friday, August 20, 2010


The following posting, regarding the use of Microsoft Word 2003 and Jaws was written by staff of the Adaptive Services Division of the DC Public Library. While the majority of the tutorials are original, credit should be given to the authors of the Basic Word curriculum used by the DC Public Library’s Computer Lab and to the Chorlton Workshop for additional information and guidance that contributed to their creation.


Alignment refers to the position of the text in the document.
The default setting in a new document is to align text to the Left.

Highlight the text you wish to change.
Then, hold onto the Ctrl Key and tap on one of the following keys:

L: Aligns the text to the Left of the page (the default)
C: Aligns the text to the Center of the page
R: Aligns the text to the Right of the page

Exercise 8 Changing the position of the Title of the Gettysburg Address

First, go to the top of the file by holding onto the Ctrl Key and pressing the Home Key
JAWS should say Top of File.
To make sure you are at the title, hold onto the Alt Key and press the 5 key.
If you are at the title, you will be to the left of it.
Therefore, hold onto the Shift Key and press the End Key.
Jaws should say Selected and begin reading the highlighted title.

Hold onto the Alt Key and tap on the C Key.

JAWS should say Centered.
The title for the Gettysburg Address should now be in the top center of the page.

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