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Friday, October 22, 2010

Checking Email on Gmail

Checking Email on Gmail

JAWS reads Gmail best when it is switched to Basic HTML.
After signing in for the first time, users need to switch to Basic HTML.

To do so
Hold onto the Insert Key and press F7.
This will bring up a Links List.
Type the letter B.
Press Enter when JAWS says Basic HTML.

If doing this for the first time, users should set Basic HTML as a default.
Hold onto Insert and press F7 again for the Links List.
Press S until JAWS says Set Basic HTML as Default.
Press Enter.
From then on Basic HTML will be a permanent feature of the user’s inbox.

Users are taken immediately to the Inbox after signing in.
From here users are able to immediately check for new messages, and compose messages of their own.

Gmail stores email messages in a Table.
The first email in the inbox is at the top of the table.

Therefore, JAWS quick keys for finding tables on the internet are a shortcut for going to messages in the user’s inbox without having to listen to the whole page first.

Press the letter T by itself and JAWS will say Colum One, Row One, Check Box not Checked.
Check boxes are a tool for managing mail.
Down Arrow once and JAWS will say who the email is from.
Down Arrow again and JAWS will announce that the user is on a link, and say the subject of the email.
That link is your email.
Press the Enter to select the link.
Users should be redirected to the inside of their email message.
Remember the subject of the email from the previous page and press the H key for headings.
The Subject of the email is re-listed as a heading.
Continue to press H until JAWS reads the subject of the email.

From there, hold onto Insert and press Down Arrow to read the email.
Before users hear the body of the email message, there will be information informing users who sent the message.
When it was sent.
If it was sent to anyone else.
The times etc.
There is also a list of links.
These links give you options for what to do with the email.
While JAWS is reading those links, users should listen for JAWS to say Show Original.
The Show Original link is the last link before JAWS comes to the body of the email message.
It will read the message all the way through unless the user presses the Ctrl key.

After JAWS has completed reading the body of the message, it will say Quick Reply.
Press Ctrl to stop JAWS from speaking.

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